Return Of The Queen (haha)

Long time no see everyone! Right now I’m reading Return Of The King (from the Lord of the Ring trilogy) hence the title, I thought it was fitting..
みんなさん、お久しぶり!今私はLord of the RingsのReturn of the Kingを読むだからそのタイトル..

So, the last post was (a million years ago) on the 25th of July updating to the 14th of July (my tour around Tokyo with Sophie). It’s now the 20th of September and seeing I have two weeks of study break ahead of me (while my school friends have exams) I think it’s high time for an update or two.

As you can see from now I’m also going to translate everything into Japanese. There will be alot of mistakes, no doubt, and it won’t be exactly the same because there’s alot of vocabulary I don’t know in Japanese, but I’ll do my best!

My first topic will be about the events of Monday July 15th. I went bowling with my friends in Shibuya, in the black light room (it was so cool!), and I learnt for the first time how to hold a bowling ball properly! All this time I’ve been doing it wrong..
After that we went to a summer festival called Mitama Matsuri, the first time I’d ever been to one. It was at Yasukuni Shrine and there were food stalls set up all along this lane leading to the shrine; takoyaki (octopus dumplings), yakitori (kebab-like-things, usually various parts of chicken), cotton candy, chocolate bananas, etc. There was also a side lane filled with game stalls, like target shooting, Goldfish Scooping (a traditional Japanese festival game) and a haunted house. Another part to the festival was the Mikoshi (portable shrine) which is said to carry the shrine’s deity, and is carried around by a group of chanting men and people with drums. And of course the festival was absolutely PACKED with people, so crowded you could barely move, but that just adds to the experience. Another wonderful thing to see was so many Japanese people wearing Yukata (like the one I wore in a previous post), both men and woman, as it’s a traditional event.
At the festival my friends and I went through the haunted house once (I don’t cope well with those..), bought a bunch of food and hung out behind some stalls, just talking. It was a great time!

Photos! 写真!


Bowling ボーリング


The gaming place at the Festival 祭りのゲームの所


(Some of) my Friends 友達

The next topic is Monday July 22nd. On this day I went with Oonishi san to the Asakusa Kannon Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo. In front of this Temple is a long shopping street full of cute stores selling traditonal and modern souvenirs and foods. At the end of this street, right infront of the temple, is a place where you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree and there are little Fortune Telling booths. You can pay 100 yen to draw a fortune stick from a wooden cylinder, then take the fortune paper that corrosponds to the number that was on the stick. Fortunes can range from great blessings to great curses, and those who don’t get such good fortunes can tie the paper to a rack in the hope that the curse won’t befall them. Thankfully my fortune was good! There’s a picture below.
After visiting the temple Oonishi san and I took a boat along the biggest river in Tokyo – the Sumida river. It travels through Tokyo with high rising buildings on each side and numerous multicoloured bridges stretching across it, and arrives in Oodaiba. Oodaiba is next to Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge, and is also the location of Fuji Television’s (a big broadcasting company in Japan) main building. When we arrived it was getting dark, so we had dinner at Kua’Aina – a Hawaiian burger resteraunt. We sat at a window seat and looked out at Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge (and a mini Statue of Liberty that they have there) as night fell and they lit up and it was so beautiful.

In front of Asakusa Kannon Temple 浅草寺の前


My Fortune (In English)

On the Boat 船に乗って

The Fuji Television Building (Behind) フジテレビのビル(後ろ)

Dinner! 夕飯!

The last topic for this post is Tuesday July 23rd. I went to Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills (near to my school and full of foreigners) with my Japanese Teacher. The exhibition we saw was called “LOVE” and there were different sections, each with works displaying different aspects of Love; Romantic Love, Love of Family, Love of Mankind and many more. To see more information you can visit this link:   My favorite exhibitions were the giant heart wrapped in ‘golden wrapping paper’ (actually made from some kind of metal) called “Sacred Heart” and the “100 Cheers” exhibit about a group of Japanese students who, in the middle of the wreckage of the Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011, form a circle and cry out 100 Cheers to encourage themselves and those around them. The museum also provided us with a kind of handheld listening gadget that we could press a button on and hear information about certain exhibtions, like why the artist made it or what the thoughts behind it were. It’s been a while since I’ve been to an art museum, but it always fascinates me, how creative the works can get. There was one exhibit that was a room you could walk into and the walls were mirrors and in the room were these multicoloured polkadot things like stalactites and stalagmites. There’s a picture down below, seeing it was one of the only works you were allowed to take pictures of. After viewing the exhibition we had lunch at the Museum’s resteraunt, which was fancy and Itallian-ish, and during our meal it started to rain. Seeing we were up very high in a sky-scraper-like-building this dense fog settled over Tokyo and we went from being able to see out across to the Sky Tree in the distance to not being able to see the closest buildings, it was fascinating. There was also a fullon waterfall going down the windows, but thankfully the rain stopped by the time I had to walk to the station (although there was still thunder close, which made me jump everytime it boomed). このポストの最後トピックは7月の23日(火)。学校の日本語の先生と六本木ヒルズ(私の学校に近くて外国人がいっぱいいる)の森美術館に行った。展示の名前はLOVEだった。 私の好きな展示はSacred Heartと100 Cheersだった。 展示を見たから、美術館のレストランで昼ご飯を食べた(カルボナーラのパスタ)。食事の間に雨が降り始め、高いビルなので靄がかかって景色が見えなくなった。帰り道雨は止んだけど雷はまだなっていた。 その日は本当におもしろかった、先生ありがとう!!

The “Love Is Calling” exhibition by Kusama Yayoi 草間彌生の「Love Is Calling」

And that concludes the first updating post! There will be many more to come, I promise! I have written down a plan!
So now I’ll leave you with an amazing picture of a towel that sits across some chairs at Oonishi san’s house. I hope you find it as ridiculously halarious as I did.


Oh also, it’s 6 months today!