Filling in the gaps..

So last time I posted it was about my Host Family, and I was so psyched that the post was kinda rushed and didn’t talk about things that had recently happened. So that’s what this one’s for!

AFS and Exchange news
I’ve recently been put in contact with the other AFSers going to Japan from NZ this year. It turns out there’s five of us, not three, and the others are Isabelle, Sophie, Danielle and Rachael. I’m not sure if all of us have our host families yet..and Danielle and Rachael are only going for 6 months on a scholarship. I’m really looking forward to meeting the others on March 20th at the airport!

Since I last posted (before the host family post) my Mum’s Japanese exchange student arrived in NZ (she got here on the 25th of January). Her name is Nao, and she comes from Tokyo. She’s doing really well here! I admire her strength, she doesn’t seem homesick or in culture shock at all, it’s impressive xD She’s going to Long Bay College, not WGHS, seeing it’s just up the road from our house and it’s a co-ed (we decided that was better than an all-girls school). She’s brought lots of stuff over from Japan, it’s so cool!! She brought Japanese sandals from Harajuku, 2 Sazae-san comics, a book called ‘My Darling is a Foreigner’, 2 Dengeki Daisy volumes (OMG RAW JAPANESE VOLUMES THAT HAVEN’T BEEN SCANLATED YET ahhhhhhhh!!!) and three volumes of a shoujo manga called ‘Ao Haru Ride’ (also in Japanese) which I’ll take over to Japan with me a read when I can =DDD She’s really cool! Even though she’s weird and crazy (totally weird and crazy xD) I’m gonna miss her when I leave T___T but we’ll catch up when she returns to Japan in December! ^w^

Ah, also the package that told me my departure date also said my return date, I just didn’t notice at the’s the 8th of February 2014. I already don’t want to come back to NZ..even though I haven’t even left yet..waaa t_t

There’s the first AFS North Shore Chapter meeting of 2013 tomorrow evening (Sunday 17th February) which will include recently returned students, hosted students and selected students. It should be alot of fun, both me and Nao are really looking forward to it C:

Life news
As I predicted, my holidays were totally amazing. Very relaxing. I went up to the Bay of Islands then down to Wellington, to see the ‘Game Masters’ exhibition at Te Papa (which was amazing!! And very inspirational).
For Christmas I got a fancy camera for taking pictures in Japan, a panda Kigurumi (onsie), and Assassins Creed III!! Uwaaa! Although I still haven’t finished it’s mind-blowingly-awesome.
I got my NCEA results in January, turns out I got an excellence endorsement, which I’m really proud of! (and kinda surprised at too). So for that Dad bought me a bunch of PS3 games – Dante’s Inferno, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Dragon Age: Origins. They’re awesome ~(OwO)~ actually while writing this I’m also playing Reckoning. I’d say it’s as good as Perfect World, take away the MMO part of MMORPG. (<–did that make any sense to you guys? I’m sorry if it didn’t ._.).
Also since last time my birthday has passed! Happy birthday to me! Thank you to my friends for making it an awesome sweet-16 full of weird-crazy-retarded jokes and a 2 hour (natural)high-induced conversation about humanity, the universe, the meaning of life and other related topics at 4.30am in the morning “”>w< Iloveyoupeople (‘:
So school has now started again, and in the past week I have re-read the whole of Dengeki Daisy. And have subsequently fallen in love with it (and Kurosaki <3) all over again. Now I can’t decide whether Say I Love You is my favorite shoujo or Dengeki is so difficult..

31 days ’till I leave!! I’m starting to scrap book (re-reading this I saw ‘crap book’, hahaha), and pack, and get things sorted..

Oh and happy pridweek everyone!

Matane! \(^o^\)  \(^o^)/  (/^o^)/


Host Family!

I got my host family! Yus!

The Tsujita family, living in Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa prefecture.
My host Dad’s name is Naoya, Mum’s name is Yoshino and Sister’s name is Midori, and she’s a year younger than me. They also have a little dog, named Wish. Sooo cuuute!

I’ll be taking a 1 and 1/2 hour train ride into Tokyo for school everyday, where I’ll be attending Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin, a Private All-Girls Christian Academy. Apparently it’s very “prestigious”. Fancy fancy! Toyo Eiwa is also the school that Rei’s school (in Sailor Moon) is based off. That’s cool. And (I’ve been doing my research) a famous voice actor and a famous clothing designer graduated from there! Mhm! Oh and the uniform is Sailor! Eeeee! It looks like this..

But I might..secretly..roll my skirt..a couple of times…shh..

So yeeeah! At the moment I’m only planned to be with the Tsujita family for six months, but I don’t know if it’s definite that I’ll change families or not. If I do I’ll stay in the same school anyway.

So that’s that..imma go now..bye!

P.S. Hi Patricia! (≧∇≦)/