Some sad news

Today I found out that one of the other four girls going to Japan this year won’t be going anymore. For personal reasons she can no longer go on her exchange.
So I thought I’d write this, just to say that I sympathize with her, and I realise how sad she must not be able to go a week before you were set to leave, if it was me I’d be gutted.
But to look on the bright side, there’s always a next time. You’ll have lots more opportunities to go over your life. I read a book recently, called The Alchemist, and it talked about how everything that happens, happens for a reason, that everything is an ‘omen’ (or something). So I think you should look at this as a challenge, something to overcome and become all the better for it!
I promise to take lots and lots of pictures for you, and I hope that you’ll make the most of this year just as you would have in Japan.
Gambatte~ ^^

A Map! Plus my super-fun weekend

So all of us Kiwis going to Japan this year have now got host families, and this is a map of where we’ll all be living..

Large Image (in new tab)

Kinda crappy quality but ohwell, you get the picture (Ahaha catch the pun?? I’m so funny..)
Anyway, so that’s pretty cool. It’s getting really close now and we’re all super excited!

So this weekend just past (the 23rd and 24th of February) was a really fun one. On Friday evening I went out to dinner with some family friends and we ate some yummy Indian food (yummy Indian, isn’t that right Isabelle?) which was good. Because food is always good.
Then on Saturday I went and visited my grandma, which is always nice, ’cause aren’t grandmas always just so sweet? Then in the evening I went to the Chinese Lantern Festival in Albert Park with my friends Patricia and Knuddy. And it was amazing! Even though I only ended up eating takoyaki and fried rice (=__=) I spent most of my money on a rice paddy hat and Beats! Yes, Beats! Cheap Chinese immitations of Beats, yeah, but still! They look legit! I love them. And they were only $35, so I get the happiness of buying something awesome without the guilt of spending heaps of money on it :DD

On Sunday, of course, I went to Japan day with Nao and Isabelle (although Nao left before Isabelle arrived) and I also saw my friends Momoji and Alice there! Alice was wearing a really pretty Yukata, uwaa~ yes and I ate some ice cream and some takoyaki (again) and a bowl of ramen ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ yumyum.
It was a really fun day, and the atmosphere was really good! Everyone was so kind and happy, I think it’s partly Japanese culture to be friendly like that. And it was cool ’cause they spoke in Japanese while you were ordering food so I got to practice saying Arigatou Gozaimasu! Yaaaay~
Also I was surprised at how many people there were actually Japanese! I’m used to hearing Korean and Chinese lots, but all the conversations around me were actually in Japanese, which made me freak out a couple of times. Nao said she felt like she was back in Japan, so I feel like I got a taste of what life over there will be like :DD
Also, just randomly, I’d like to mention how awesome Japanese guys’ hair styles hair is cool..Japanese guys make for good eye candy, muahahaha (:<

Another picture..

So yeahh! That was pretty much my weekend. It was awesome.
And recently I’ve got this feeling like ‘omg I’m starting to be able to speak Japanese!’. It’s the coolest feeling. I couldn’t imagine what being able to speak another language would feel like..and I still can’t really..but I realise now that it isn’t actually as impossible as I thought it was, yus!
So that’s really exciting.

Waaaaa 23 days to go!
The weeks before I leave are sooo busy T___T but that’s also a good thing :DD

See y’all! (don’t know why I suddenly turned into a Southern American..or whatever..)