Long Time no See! (^^);

“And with this as a starting point, I hope to keep up a reasonably regular posting routine, updating everyone about all that happened in my life after the summer vacation, and what’s been up since I got back.” – Bryar, May 20 2014.


Minus a few zeros and that’s actually pretty accurate, thanks SpongeBob for always expressing exactly how I feel.

Well, I’m back. I’ve graduated high school, been accepted into university and entered my last year of teenagehood. I think the next huge accomplishment in my life should be bringing my blog up-to-date, what do you think? I know, if you had a dollar for every time I’ve said that…
No. I’m determined to succeed this time; I’ve even updated the home page. You should go check it out.

So here’s the plan, team. I’ll be regularly putting up short posts about the things I did in the latter half of my exchange, then once that box is ticked I’ll cover the rest of ’14 and ’15.

Stay tuned to hear all about my host Dad’s RayBans, serious bus dramas and that one time I accidentally-on-purpose transformed myself into a boy:


Blog-revival post #1: Girls being Boys, Turtles and Kpop
Blog-revival post #2: AFS Summer Camp


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