Some sad news

Today I found out that one of the other four girls going to Japan this year won’t be going anymore. For personal reasons she can no longer go on her exchange.
So I thought I’d write this, just to say that I sympathize with her, and I realise how sad she must not be able to go a week before you were set to leave, if it was me I’d be gutted.
But to look on the bright side, there’s always a next time. You’ll have lots more opportunities to go over your life. I read a book recently, called The Alchemist, and it talked about how everything that happens, happens for a reason, that everything is an ‘omen’ (or something). So I think you should look at this as a challenge, something to overcome and become all the better for it!
I promise to take lots and lots of pictures for you, and I hope that you’ll make the most of this year just as you would have in Japan.
Gambatte~ ^^


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